Top 5 Gluten Free Places in Dubai

Dubai is a beautiful city FILLED with plenty of food options. Living in Oman, I don't get to see such options, hopefully in the future we'll get a ton more options and the coeliac community will be recognised. A big thing I suffer from is socialising in Oman because of my disease. It's awkward sometimes having to say "No thanks" to food, in a community where its seen as 'rude' to decline. I usually bring my own packed food from home to social gatherings in order to be safe. Most of my friends and family understand now that even a crumb matters. I learnt that instead of just saying "No thanks" I explain that I have coeliac disease and what it is, in order to educate the people around me, and this works.

Visiting Dubai with my friends made it easy because a lot of places offered options for me, but also offered options for my non-coeliac friends, so it felt less of a sacrifice for them while I didn't have to feel guilty or feeling 'too picky'. I wanted to share a list of places that I ate at.

1. Bounty Beets

Bounty Beets has one of the dreamiest menus for coleliacs, because EVERYTHING is gluten free. Not only that, but it is also refined sugar free. They also have a huge dedicated vegan menu, but most of their menu is vegan anyway. This is my third time around and honestly, I can't get over this place. I recommend trying the chickpea omelette. This omelette is vegan and is filled with herbed peas and mushrooms with seasoned cashew cream. It's like a samosa in omelette form.

The second thing I loved on the menu is their delicious sweet potato pancakes. It comes with bananas and maple syrup, a true treat. They have a selection of fresh teas and delicious coffee options. I had a cappuccino with coconut milk and it's honestly one of the best dairy free coffees I've had.

I went back another time as well and had the avocado on toast with an extra poached egg on top. This was delicious and light and the bread tasted like normal bread.. that's rare.

2. Park House

This restaurant is located in Kite Beach, which is LA's Venice beach but in Dubai, super colourful and refreshing. This place is not 100% gluten free but their pancake is extremely famous, mostly everyone that goes there orders it, and it happens to be gluten free, yay!

I had their famous blueberry pancakes, this is 100% not healthy, but treats are allowed, no judging! I also had the sweet potato patties with avocado and fried egg. The combination of sweet and salty is the best. I always find myself mixing them together so I personally loved it. My friends had a few other things on the menu like falafel and granola, so it was accommodating to both coeliacs and non-coeliacs.

3. Wild & The Moon

This was by far my favourite gluten free spot in Dubai. Not only is it gluten free, but it is 100%refined sugar free and dairy free. It's VEGAN! I never indulged so much and felt THAT good knowing everything I was putting into my body is actually healthy. The best savoury thing on the menu is their tacos. It tasted like minced beef but it wasn't. It also has this delicious vegan sriracha mayo sauce drizzled on top that made the tacos that much better.

I went with my cousins so we managed to try like...everything on the menu. The second thing we ordered was the acai bowl filled with nutrition. Fruits, granola, coconut flakes...just so good.

we then indulged in sweet goodness. We got the banana bread and the blueberry scones that come with a side of sweet cashew cream. I loved it so much I ordered a second.

I also tried the coffee they had, it's definitely sweet because of the dates, so I wouldn't order it if I was gonna have a sweet scone next time, but if you're just going for the taco, definitely try it.

4.0 Ladurée

One of my favourite desserts to get when I'm in Dubai are the macarons from Ladurée. I specifically loved the lavender and rose ones. I noticed I've been loving floral scents and flavours lately. They're honestly so good and always have a variety of flavours to choose from. Definitely my favourite macarons ever.. worth every penny.

5.0 Tasha's

Last but not least, top restaurant for me that also serves food for everyone else, Tasha's. From the appetisers to the variety of different options to choose from...pastas, burgers, lobster rolls, wraps and grills. I have tried two pastas as well as their crunchy air fried chips, it's crunchy on the sides and soft in the centre, practically the best chips ever. Although not everything is gluten free, it's refreshing to know they accommodate to coeliacs and that everyone who is not a gluten free still have great options to eat from.

This concludes my Dubai food blogpost, I hope I managed to help you prepare for your text trip. If you have any further suggestions, drop a comment and let me know what I should try next time I visit.

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