Lemon Water

One thing I've always preached was adding extra benefits to your water. Lemon is acidic but once it enters your digestive system it turns to alkaline. Adding lemon can also encourage you to drink more water if you're the type of person to go for sugary juice instead. This is because the lemon adds a flavour, almost like a healthier sprite or 7up.

1. Nausea & Cold Cure

To cure nausea, drink a warm glass of water and add lemon juice and wedges as well as ginger. Lemon and ginger is also known to help fight a cold and sore throat due to its high levels of Vitamin C. This is my go-to when feeling under the weather.

2. Antioxidant

For an antioxidant benefit, add lemon to your water with your favourite berries. This helps clean your gut, no other explanation needed! For additional benefits, add mint!

3. Weight Loss +

This combination is just a dose of happiness for your body. Combining 2 things that have high benefits such as: Weight loss, hydration, healthy skin, heart health, antioxidants, bone health, controlled blood pressure and more. It also tastes like a spa, so it's actually a treat.

Let me know what's your favourite way to drink water.

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