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Happy Gut, Happy Heart

After being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at the age of 6, and then recently being diagnosed with Coeliac Disease, I took it upon myself to start eating healthy but delicious food. Exploring different recipes, I've created this platform to share my favourites with you.

I was always feeling a sense of guilt when eating certain foods and that made me realise: Why eat low nutritious food when healthier options can be just as delicious? 

That has inspired me to come up with tasty recipes that will make you stop craving unhealthy choices.

I have also wanted to tame my Gluten cravings by coming up with substitutes that taste exactly the same or even better.

Coeliac Disease (or spelt 'Celiac' in America) is an autoimmune disease that causes your body to literally attack itself when gluten is consumed, and yes, even a tiny crumb matters. This means that it is essential to change your eating habits and be very aware of everything you consume, because even though a product might not contain gluten, cross-contact with gluten items in the kitchen can occur.

Gluten Free

Living with Coeliac Disease